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Michael Alsfeld
Apr 05, 2020
In COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Hello all. Hope you and yours are safe and doing well. With the increased discussion on face mask use as well as the CDC's formal recommendation to use cloth face coverings, I was wondering what other direct consumer facing organizations are doing. If you are allowing the use, I have a few questions and would appreciate your assistance; 1. Are you requiring the use or is it voluntary? 2. Are you providing them? If so, what kind/style 3. Have you or are you creating a written policy to include proper care, handling, disposal, etc or are you creating a general handling guide? If you would prefer to discuss outside of this forum my email is Thank you again to all of the RIABR Members/Board and thank you Stuart for your coordination! Best, Mike Alsfeld, Safety AAA Northeast

Michael Alsfeld

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