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COVID-19 Resources

This is a list of up-to-date resource documents and weblinks for businesses on the COVID-19 crisis. Click on document title to link or download 

RI Executive Order 21-56 Extension of Executive Orders 20-06, 20-16, 20-17, 20-19, 20-72 and 20-110
Uploaded 5/20/21
RI Executive Order 21-04 In-Person Learning Higher Ed
Uploaded 1/15/21
RI Executive Order 20-109 Extension of Executive Orders 20-02, 20-29, 20-39 & 20-68
Uploaded 12/24/20
RI Executive Order 20-103 Extension of Various Executive Orders – School Calendar, Public Meetings, School Bus Driver, Student Transportation
Uploaded 12/10/20
RI Executive Order 20-102 Extension of Various Executive Orders – Emergency Declaration, Telemedicine, Medicaid Waiver, Testing Supplies, Unemployment, Health Care, Quarantine, Face Coverings
Uploaded 12/4/20
Uploaded 12/4/20
RI Executive Order 20-99 Extension of Various Executive Orders – Health Care, Child Care, Wavemaker, Unemployment
Uploaded 12/4/20